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  • BC - 108 Basic Electronics Experiments

    Crusher, folding circuits, resonant circuits, diode and capacitor regulator, images can be copied with hand oscilloscope on the computer

    Possible experiments (at least 20 different experiments) :
    • Only R, C, L circuits, RC, RL and RLC circuits,
    • Diode regulating circuits,
    • High, low frequency filter circuits,
    • Transistor switching and amplifier circuits
    Standard Materials

    1 multifunctional signal generator, 1 hand oscilloscope, 1 loading CD, BNC, USB and connection cables, total 10 resistors, capacitors, bobbins, transistors


    This set contains a 2 channel 30 MHz handheld oscilloscope that connects to our manufacturer's signal generator and computer. All experiments can be done on the test pans.