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  • AB - 102 Electricity, Conductivity, Lamp, Reosta, Battery, Electroscope Experiments

    Lamp, resistance experiments, Unique original load sensor, Conductivity tests

    Possible Experiments :
    • Series-parallel connections of resistors, lamps, and batteries,
    • Measuring resistance change with rheostat,
    • Measuring the conductance in the tails (change of wire resistance with length and thickness)
    • Electroscopic load tests (speed sensor measuring load + or -, new-original )
    Standard materials

    1 adjustable, current controlled 5A power supply, 1 multifunctional multimeter, 1 rheostat, 1 96x96 cm voltmeter (max 30V), 1 96x96 cm ammeter (max 5A), 1 electroscope, 1 unit original load sensor, 10 connection cables, 6 lamps, 6 resistors, 6 batteries and connection terminal, 4 different thickness wires and connection apperance for conductivity

    Explanations A

    broken resistor or burnt lamp can only be replaced by opening the screwdriver in the plug. In the electroscope experiments, a sensor is used that recognizes the + or - loads on the rod to be approximated by the antenna on the front side. At least 20 experiments can be done with this experiment set.

    This sensor is completely new and original and is not available in the products of different companies.