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  • EE - 601 Biot-Savart Law Experiments

    With our own product: unique sensitive Teslameter and Hall probe, numerous experiments can be done....

    Possible Experiments
    • Measuring the magnetic field at the center of circular wires with different windings
    • Measuring the change in the magnetic field along the centerline of coils
    Standard Equipment

    DCcurrent source, Coil with 300 windings, Rail, Teslameter, Hall probe, Probe holder, circular wire set, connection cables

    Technical Information

    After Oersted invented on 1819 that compass deviates near current carrying wires, Jean Baptiste Biot ve Felix Savart showed that the wires carrying DC currents create magnetic field which interacts with magnets. These scientists solved that the magnetic field can be found (anywhere in space) from a line integral being evaluated over the path C in which the electric currents flow. By solving this equation it was shown that the magnetic field at the center of a circular wire is given by: B=µ0 n I /2r, and magnetic field at the centerline given by: B= 1/2µ0 I n /(r2+L2/4)1/2 . Here µ0 magnetic permeability of free space, I is current, n is number of windings, r is wire cross section radius, and L is the length of coil windings. One can see from these equations that the magnetic field is directly related to number of windings and inversely related to the circular wire radius. This experiment involves of measurements and calculations of magnetic field and comparing these values.

    Note: The Teslameter (Gaussmeter) in this set can be used anywhere..!..