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  • BC - 107 Signal Generator, El Osiloskobu Experiments

    Possibility to make cheap test with our own signal generator and hand oscilloscope

    Square-triangle-sinus signal at desired amplitude in frequencies 50Hz - 50 kHz

    Possible Experiments :
    • Resistance, capacitor, inductance,
    • Transformer tests,
    • Transistors, diodes, opamps, amplifiers, filter tests,
    • Sound and light measurement experiments (FFT and spectrum)
    Standard Materials

    1 multifunctional signal generator, 1 hand oscilloscope device, 1 loading CD, BNC, USB and standard cables.


    This set contains a 2 channel 30 MHz handheld oscilloscope that connects to our manufacturer's signal generator and computer. Our signal generator can generate sinus, square, and triangle waves at the desired frequency and amplitude up to 50kHz. The shape and frequency of the signal can be changed, the frequency and amplitude can be displayed on the LCD screen, Our manufacturer has the capability of working with 220 V or + -15V and contains 1 microprocessor. The handheld oscilloscope is much smaller and easily portable than normal oscilloscopes and can be connected to a computer with just one USB without the need for a power source. It is a device that can also display the signal noise spectrum with fast Fourier transform (FFT), except for normal measurements.

    Numerous electrical and electronic experiments can be conducted with these two contracts.