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  • EE-402 Robotic Applications, PIC-Microprocessor Experiments

    Microprocessor programming, breadboard and sensor experiments

    Possible Experiments :
    • Microprocessor programming,
    • Robot Arm, Sumo Robot, Robot car works,
    • Sensor circuits,
    • Microprocessor programming experiments with PIC-C and PIC-Basic-Pro on breadboard

    RF controlled, potentiometer or computer controlled Robot arm, Robot car, Line following Robot car, Sumo robot and motorized systems with different functions, display experiments, microprocessor programmer, 1 breadboard.

    Explanations With our

    Fairly affordable 5-10 hour trainings given to our specialist teachers, even elementary school students will be amazed to learn how to program microprocessors, measure with sensors and display everything on the display screen.