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  • High Voltage 5-20kHz Power Supply

    High Voltage Power Supply

    Possible Experiments :
    • Production of ozone gas using special electrodes
    • Atmospheric pressure discharge productioni
    • Surface activation at atmospheric pressures
    • Vacuum plasma experiments

    Operation Voltage        : 1 phase 1 neutral, 220V-240V
    Transformer Power       : 80W
    Operation Frequency    : 50 Hz
    Operation Temperature : -5°C-50°C
    Frequency Interval        : 5-20kHz adjusted at single value
    Output Voltage             : 6-18kV(t-t) adjusted at single value
    Option. 1                     : Adjustable output voltage: 0-15kV
    Option. 2                     : Adjustable frequency (5-20 kHz)
    Protection Class           : IP 20
    Weight                         : ~2 kg
    Dimesions                    : 280x220x100 mm3

    This device can be used to produce plasma at atmospheric conditions and in the vacuum environments. This device operates by using an oscillation circuit, mosfet circuit and high voltage transformer. The output is totally independent from the input. If desired the (non-alive) output connector can be connected to the earth connector placed just below on the front panel. The device includes a fuse on its right side for protecting the device for output shortage. The resistance of the provided high voltage cables are nearly 0.5 ohms each. If different cables used, the output voltage may change. It is recommended that the device is not operated continuously more than 30 minutes. The microcontrolled and user adjustable version of this device is on the production soon..